14 Annoying Things Dancers Do

True story: I know this guy that no matter where I am, as soon as his name comes up, everyone immediately talks about his bad breath.

No one considers it gossip, because it’s a fact.

People talk about it freely, because this dancer has got the funkiest breath on the planet.

He may have a medical issue. I don’t know.

What I do know is that I’ve witnessed individuals getting passed over for opportunities because of weird, little, annoying quirks.

Control what can be controlled lest you be fired, ostracized, outcast, uninvited, blacklisted, frowned upon, passed-over, and cancelled.

Here’s a quick list:

1. Close talkers. Back up, my hearing’s perfect.

2. Drama. Those who lead with a problem, set a negative tone, and asks others to commiserate with them.

3. Sickly. When asked, “how ya doing,” these individuals provide details and use words like puking, fungus, puss, bunion, corn, oozing, etc.

4. Complainer, Know it all. Constant complaining drains the energy of the group. Never be this person. Always accentuate and celebrate the positive.

5. Unreliable and Tardy. Life happens. People cancel last-minute and provide excuses. Not cool and consistent lateness is selfish.

6. Gossiper. Two can keep a secret if one of them is d _ _ d.

7. Insecure, Energy Draining, Attention Whore – Constantly Needing Encouragement. Look at me. What do you think about me?

8. Moody and Unpredictable. Bad mooders suck up too much energy. They present a perfect example of what it feels like to have to work to be around someone.

9. Substances. Stay in control – or – stay home.

12. Poor Timing. Two minutes before showtime is not the time to ask questions unrelated to the performance.

13. Unsavory. Finger licking, full-mouth talking, or lip smacking while dining is not sexy.

14. Inconsiderate, Selfish or Cheap. There’s nothing wrong with frugality. But consistently running off to Starbucks and never offering to bring back something to those standing right in front of you is inconsiderate.

All items on this list relate to non-dancers as well. It’s just that 90% of my life relates to dance.

Dancers are my category of people.” ~ LaurieTALKS

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