dancer boy

Agent Man, Dancer Boy, and Spell Check

True Story: The year was 2015. I was the connector between a dancer and an agent. I was super excited because I knew that DANCER BOY  was looking for an agent.

AGENT MAN complimented DANCER BOY’S technical prowess and was completely confident he could make him more of the dancer he was proving himself to be. He asked me to make relay the message and I did.

DANCER BOY wrote AGENT MAN a note and provided his contact details.

AGENT MAN was in the building and I hand delivered this talented young man’s introductory letter to him. I didn’t think to spell check.

DANCER BOY misspelled AGENT MAN’S name.

And just like that… poof.

AGENT MAN let out a hearty sigh and said, “Oh, what a shame. He’s so talented. But I won’t represent someone who doesn’t think to verify the spelling of a name. I don’t want to take that chance. I strive to work with individuals who think things through.

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