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“Paddle and Roll” Toward Passion

Back in the day when I worked a corporate job, I was absolutely miserable. Life felt unfair, and I didn’t like the idea of exchanging time for a salary, medical benefits, and a 401K plan.

It was absolutely stagnating to spend 12-hour days surrounded by non-artist worker bees. I had no passion for the work, and my life was monotonous. Worst still, I was slipping farther and farther away from dance—the one thing I consistently told myself I wanted to stay close to.

I was so stressed that at one point I:

  • had an ulcer
  • lost my hair and became a regular Rogaine user
  • gained weight from sitting all day, scoffing down pastries during meetings, snacking on vending machine junk, and frequently stopping by the offices of people I knew would have snacks available

Freedom came only in glimpses and short bouts. Specifically, during solo elevator rides. In those little boxes going up and down, my world opened … because during every ascent, every descent, if I had that elevator to myself I would tap dance!

Within seconds the euphoria from dancing (even while wearing pumps and pearls) confirmed to me that my passion—dance—hadn’t given up on me. That it still gripped my heart and soul.

If you feel stifled or stuck in your life, allow your passion to guide you toward your inner strength.

Let nothing put a cramp in your paddle and roll.” ~ LaurieTALKS

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