Succeed Your Dance Career: 10 Ideas

Dance, like any other industry is a business. To ensure professionalism:
  1. Maintain your skills. Stay close to what you love to do and stay in the game.
  2. Maintain fitness. Take class and keep your bum in shape.
  3. Study up on your dance history so you know whose shoulders you're dancing upon.
  4. Compare yourself to no one. You're a one-of-a-kind, unique, individual. There's no need to view social pressures for cues as to what to do or wear.
  5. Self express and play up your strengths. Industry leaders want to connect with your sense of self.
  6. Develop your mind. Positive content. Positive people.
  7. Try new adventures, learn from what didn't work, then try again. Whine for five or ten minutes when life doesn't work out the way you expected.
  8. Remain clear about your wants and dreams. Goals positively affect your choices and help establish a path. Vague goals = vague results.
  9. Self-promotion is not easy... but it is necessary. Do it with tact.
  10. Not everyone will agree with all your choices or ideas. That's ok. Not everyone will like you. That's ok, too. I like you.
Find yourself:   What do I do well?   What makes me unique?   How am I different from other dancers?   What do I enjoy doing when I'm not dancing?   Is there a way for me to incorporate these other skills into my dance career?   What do I stand for and what do I want to be known for? Build your career around your art. You know it's possible because you see people doing it all day, every day. When passion meets career, and career meets business, you dance and smile all day. INTENTIONALLY create a life you love. Dance revolution.

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