Tights! Who Needs to Wear Them?

When choreography, movement, staging, cadence, musicality, technique, adeptness, skill, hair, makeup, and costume work together and tell a story – audiences are enchanted, not distracted.

Performing without tights doesn’t work for every dancer and stage lighting is high def lighting. That means those super bright stage lights show everything, including loose threads, fabric in need of ironing, and single flyaway strands.

Get polished for performance by completing your look. Because performing with a dress rehearsal look or looking like you didn’t have a dress rehearsal – is not in line with dancer codes.

Show body lines instead of tan lines. Say no to exposed bruises, razor nicks, scrapes and scratches, cellulite, ash, Band-Aids, cheeky cheeks, or one inch of fabric as crotch coverage.

Say, “yes” to performing without being distracting.

It’s, “show business,” not, “show your business.”

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