I try to be tactful...

Tremaine Dance Convention Observations

I have completed 20 years with Tremaine Dance Conventions as of July, 2019.

Here are 10 random statements/observations:

  1. Videos have changed the dynamics of the industry. Back in the day recordings were prohibited. Today it’s all about the video. 
  2. Some parents give me updates on their kids when I say to the parent, “How are YOU doing?”
  3. I still get lost in hotels – including ones I’ve been to more than a dozen times.
  4. Room service is not for me given the financials. My hotel bill is always the same: zero. I travel with sustenance.
  5. Some of my best friends are dance educators. 
  6. I’m ok adjudicating 100+ competition numbers in one sitting. As the daughter of a dance studio owner, I know a thing or two about the work involved readying performers for stage.
  7. Contemporary dance is in fashion. As of this writing, the “knee-drop” trend is on it’s last leg.
  8. Flexibility does not a dancer make. Additionally, excessive tricks, splits, and flips when executed without artistry, technical foundation, or purpose – leave me yearning for… well, DANCE.
  9. Faculty positions on dance conventions are coveted. I understand why: we make nice money, do what we love, and receive compliments throughout our working weekends. I’m grateful for the tappy years.
  10. Showing lots of derriere while performing is not cool.  Butt cheeks belong in seats, not on display under bright stage lights.

Dance training is life training.” ~ Joe Tremaine

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