Hustler 2

I’m a Hustler, Baby!

I’ve been called a hustler more than once in my life. The first few times, I considered it an insult.That’s because when I was growing up, the images I associated with “hustlers” w ...

Our choices define what we value.

Personal Branding

Branding relates to who you are, what you do, and why you do what you do.Your brand, like your reputation, is something you develop with or without your approval or permission.Your ...


Ask for Help, Maybe Cry Once More

I was recently on a conference call with new web-developers. I had just contracted with them through

One of the developers began by asking me questions like:

Who’s the target audience?
What’s your call to action?
What’s the goal of the website re-design?
What do people currently do when they visit the site?
What do you want visitors to do when they visit the site?

I was not prepared. I had no answers. I could feel my mood changing.