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10 Ways You May Be Wasting Time

stop wasting timeI know I waste time. I waste my time. How? Pondering stupid stuff that doesn’t matter and certainly won’t matter in a year’s time.

Do you have thoughts that hold you back from being all you can be? Do you… 

  1. Play small like you’re not important?  Let’s face it: If you don’t value yourself, no one else will.
  2. Whine instead of work? It takes a lot of energy to whine.
  3. Forget what makes you special? You’re one of a kind, and there’s something you’re destined to do that no one else in the world can do like you can. That’s the truth, Ruth. What makes you unique? What is it?
  4. Compare yourself to others? Comparing yourself to others is perhaps the fastest way to put yourself in a bad mood. Consuming the social feeds of your friends and following their journey is of little value. Sure, get some inspiration, and then consider looking away and focusing on you and what you’re about.     
  5. Hope and pray someone comes along and offers to make your dream a reality? If you want the big life – you have to work for it. It’s unrealistic to expect others to do your work so you can get the glory. Creating something meaningful and being so amahhhhhzing that people can’t take their eyes off you takes a lifetime. Patience, grasshopper.  
  6. Make excuses that only delay your dream? Soliciting feedback is cool. Seeking support is smart. Stalling with excuses? Not cool. “Excuses or results?” Denise Vaccaro + Gino Vaccaro
  7. Ignore your intuition? Whether you call it instinct, gut-feeling, hunch, or sixth sense, heed your inner voice because gut instinct can be spot on.
  8. Take things personally? You’re important, but not everything is about you. Truth be told: half the time, people aren’t even thinking about you. Release the notion that people are thinking about you or what you’re doing.
  9. Have a wait-and-see approach to life? Tossing your life up into the air and waiting to see how it lands is not an ideal life strategy. Condition or circumstances do not have to determine your life.
  10. Focus on what’s bad? Remember when employees tweeted on the job about how much they hated their jobs? Really? A negative mindset obliterates hope and is a massive barrier to anything good. Develop your optimism skills along with a mindset that never considers quitting. This is not easy to do, but the alternative is to spend time toiling about. Who’s got time for that?

Valuing your time starts in the mind.” ~ LaurieTALKS

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