Best Advice Ever

When someone asks for my advice and I sense they have more insight than they realize, I ask, “What would you tell your best friend or sibling? What suggestions would you offer someone you loved if they presented you with a similar scenario?

Sometimes their responses provide such phenomenal insight that I then ask, “That’s sounds great, why don’t you do that?”

They typically reply with something like, “Oh, I never thought about that. I guess I could. I mean, maybe. Sure, I mean, why not?”

Sometimes we see our own situation as overwhelming or confusing, yet when advising others we may be more confident offering guidance and encouragement.

We can give it away, but we can’t give it to ourselves.

Trust yourself. Listen to your own voice. Be gentle, kind, and reassuring towards yourself.

Life changes and we don’t have all the answers all the time. However, if you trust:

a restaurant server to place a lemon in your water,

those driving past you on the highway doing 80 miles per hour, or

the boy partnering you in ballet class…

you ought to be able to trust yourself. Your best advice may come from you.

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