Ask for Help, Maybe Cry Once More

I was recently on a conference call with new web-developers. I had just contracted with them through an online site.

One of the developers began by asking me questions like:

Who’s the target audience?
What’s your call to action?
What’s the goal of the website re-design?
What do people currently do when they visit the site?
What do you want visitors to do when they visit the site?

I was not prepared and I had no answers. I could feel my mood changing.

I needed help. We could all use a bit of help every now and then.

Sometimes I wait too long before asking for help. Maybe my ego gets in the way—and I try to act as if I can live all of life solely on my own.

Life and its thousands of little drama pieces can result in feelings of being overwhelmed … like when your emotions flow and you whine, feel bad, complain, pout, cry, and deny.

That’s when it’s time to blow your nose, wash your hands, and tell yourself that the world isn’t coming to an end. Then decide which of these is your current frame of mind:

  • I can handle what’s happening.
  • I could use some help navigating life right now.

Growing, maturing, and getting to know yourself requires your effort and attention.

If you find yourself in a situation where you’re carrying too much weight … and life feels like more than you can handle … and you’ve cried your share of cries, then consider asking for help. Asking for and/or receiving help is a sign of strength.

Who’s my target audience? You! Thanks so much.” ~ LaurieTALKS

The documentary, Man on Wire, provides an exceptional example of a man who could not accomplish his goal alone. Philippe Petit asked for help.  time and money

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