TAP IN to Adulthood

tap in to adulthood

Going from childhood to adulthood is serious business. It can be stress-filled and, at times, even leave you feeling sad. More than likely, you’ll experience a ridiculously high number of ups and downs—changes, in other words. Around 2,500 years ago a guy from Greece said, “The only constant in life is change.” (Don’t ask me how his words survived for that long. Maybe because they’re so true.) There will constantly be change. Constantly something going on. Face it. That’s life.

When you feel ultra sad and/or stressed out, you may find yourself thinking that life has gotten the best of you. In such moments you’ll feel like toast. You’ll wonder Is this really my life right now?

The answer is Yes, it really is. But don’t forget that there are ups and well as downs—and that it won’t be long before another change comes around.

Transitioning into adulthood means taking responsibility for the whole enchilada that is your life. Every word, deed, and action is yours. Your maturity and your personal growth and development require accepting this reality because … well, because life happens.

Don’t give up. Keep looking for healthy ways to take on and manage the everyday challenges of that transition into adulthood. You can do it.

And while you’re at it, go for your dream … your vision. You have what it takes to accomplish this. How do I know?

Because you wouldn’t have the dream or the vision if you didn’t have the resources and talent to make it a reality.

Oh. One last thing. Don’t waste time and energy proving yourself to others. There’s no need to because you’ve got you.

Tap on.

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