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5 Tips To Survive Toxic People

 Do you sometimes dread attending social events because you anticipate dreadful dynamics?

Do you feel stressed when you know you’ll be mixing and mingling with certain family members, friends, or acquaintances?

Here are 5 tips for managing toxic people in social situations:

1. Limit your interaction with disagreeable, unpleasant, battery-draining individuals. Love those who treat you well. Be polite to those who don’t.

Saying hello to the unpleasant people who make life difficult isn’t easy. Yet a brief exchange of pleasantries is a great way to set your boundaries with them.

So let’s say that instead of ignoring for hours a person you consider toxic, you walk up to them with an upbeat disposition, along with a beautiful smile, and say, “Hello.”

If you seriously want to show out, pay them a compliment. Saying something like “I’m loving your hair/boots/suit/handbag/etc.” eases the tension for both of you. You’ll feel proud of yourself for acting like a wise adult, and you may even find yourself wondering What just happened?

Immediately following the exchange, make yourself scarce and carry on with the festivities. Boundary set.

2. Enjoy what’s good and appreciate what’s working. Redirect any negative energy by intentionally looking for something positive. Elderly people and children make good comrades during those moments when you feel uncertain or uneasy.

3. Find support. Redirect your attention away from the toxic person. Find a comrade who’s also looking for what’s good and what’s working.

4. Accept what is. You can’t control every situation; sometimes, you must accept life and your limitations. Accept what is. You simply can’t fix everything.

5. Don’t reward bad behavior by stooping to a toxic person’s level. Feel confident as you mix and mingle in joy. Feel proud of yourself for doing the right thing and acting with love.

Go. Enjoy the festivities. Attend events without worrying over the possibility of a stressful, dreadful interaction.

Maintain a sense of peace—as well as your sanity. You got this. 

Interactions with toxic people erodes the quality of a moment.” ~ LaurieTALKS 

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