Take accountability!

A Misspelling, A Misstep, and A Miscalculation

 First . . . the miscalculation.

I’ve been audited four times. I cried each time the notice arrived in the mail. But soon enough, when I was finally ready to face reality, I took responsibility for creating whatever situation I obviously created. Whether my miscalculations were intentional or/and regardless of who punched in the numbers, the ultimate responsibility to file properly was mine.

Next up, the misspelling. One day – back during my corporate days – a co-worker said to me, “You could go far in this organization if you were educated. There’s no such word as irregardless, or orientated. Also, you should learn how to use spell check.”

Finally, the misstep. Later that same week another colleague approached me holding the sticky note I’d just left in her office. On it I’d written, I stooped by. Your never at your desk.
We were work friends so she felt comfortable enough to approach me. She badgered me to tell her what was wrong with the note. I saw her expression slowly change from disappointment to subdued, subtle shock. I saw in her eyes that moment when she realized I had no idea what was incorrect.

I was a 27-year-old college graduate who could neither spell, use spell check, nor structure a sentence. And believe me when I tell you, I knew nothing about contractions.
Rather than blaming my limitations on my environment, family background, or accepting them as my fate, I asked myself what could I accomplish if I put in a bit more effort?

Rather than  choose the “ignorance is bliss” path to life, I took responsibility for my own learning and studied.

Education is what the world imposes on you.

Learning, on the other hand, is what you do for yourself.


We may all have a few immutable traits or flaws holding us back from time to time. Yet we can take responsibility for changing the things about us that can be changed—the things we know we want or need to change.

Holding anything or anyone accountable for any part of your life makes no sense.

Travel the sweet path to peace and relief by owning your life.

Give your pride a rise while simultaneously giving your personal stock a boost of strength, maturity, and courage.

“Regardless of the situation or circumstance ask yourself, “What role did I play in creating this scenario?” 

~ LaurieTALKS

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