EP 51 | Fresh Start: Permission to Introduce Yourself as the Person You Want to Be

The TALK for this episode is about the advantages of traveling to new places and meeting new faces. Changing environments and then meeting new people in the new environment presents an exciting occasion.

Why? Because from the moment you meet a person for the first time, what they will come to know about you is only what you want them to know—that is, what you decide to share with them. 

Meeting people who know nothing about you is an opportunity to plant fresh seeds.

Let’s say there’s something you don’t like hearing about yourself but that many people tell you is true.

 When you intentionally introduce yourself as the person you want to be, you have a chance to establish the narrative.

 You can explore untested approaches with each new encounter and respond to situations differently.

 Any opportunity to reshape, refresh, redefine, or refine your manner and present yourself in previously unexplored ways is an exciting occasion.


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