Getting Out of Bed to Keep a Commitment: Self-Discipline

 I’ve tried reading long books with pages full of words, but I lose my place, forget what I’ve read, and my lips get tired.

 The Greatest Salesman in the World is my kind of book: short, to the point, and an easy read. 

 The author, Og Mandino, instructs readers to read Scroll I (a “Scroll” is like a chapter) three times a day for 30 consecutive days. After completing Scroll I, you read Scroll II, then Scroll III, through the final Scroll X the same way. 

 My first couple of attempts to read the book as prescribed did not go well.

 In fact, it took me a while to develop this challenging habit, which in effect meant teaching myself a new daily discipline.

 What about you?

 What would you do if it was super late night and you were extra tired and already had one foot in the bed and all you wanted to do was sleep . . . only to remember, “Oh, no. I didn’t _________[fill in the blank] like I promised myself.” Would you get up so you could keep your commitment?

 Some nights I had neither the inclination nor the energy to get out of bed to read the scroll I was currently working on. So I had to make statements like these in an attempt to walk my TALK—that is, to get myself to follow through on what I’d said I was going to do:

  1. “It’ll only take two minutes.”
  2. “You can do it.”
  3. “This is a small thing. Don’t make a federal case out of it.”
  4.  “Only a loser wouldn’t invest a few minutes in their own personal growth and development. You’re not a loser.
  5.  “This is a life-defining moment. Self-discipline starts now. You can do this.”
  6. “Get up. You’re being tested. It’s two lousy minutes out of a 24-hour day. Open the book and quit whining!” 

Self-discipline gives you power. It’s one of the keys to attaining your dream. 

 Be on the lookout for ideas on how to develop a disciplined approach to an area of your life you’d like to change. The awesome book I mentioned—with the word Salesman in the title—is one of many sources of such ideas.

 Remember, there’s no finish line on self-improvement. And self-discipline is an important part of self-improvement.


If I persist long enough I will win.” ~ Og Mandino 

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