Nothing but Net

Nothing but Net

I’m extremely comfortable jumping right in. Because if I think too much on a subject, I’ll become inundated with “what-ifs” and talk myself out of taking action.

Pesky details overwhelm me and cause mind chaos.

This is why I begin a lot of things with no endgame or exit strategy. When I plan vacations, I only book airfare. I trust that lodging, ground transportation, dining, and other activities will all fall into place. They usually do.

I paint rooms without using a drop cloth, tape, or a backing-out-of-the-room strategy. (Afterwards, I spend more time backtracking and cleaning than I spent painting the room.)

I unbox, plugin, and start playing with electronics before glancing at the directions. And there’s this crazy rumor going around that I walk onstage to teach a dance convention class and ask, “O.K. Who’s got music?”

I take leaps of faith, believing the net will appear. Planning takes too much spontaneity out of life for my taste.

This approach isn’t for everyone, and I don’t recommend it.

It can cause sensations of free-falling and periods of wondering if one’s parachute will ever open.

My parachute does open, but not always smoothly. Sometimes I’m flying and gliding—a lot—by faith, and free-falling along the way.

From some miserable parts of life, I’ve experienced an ulcer, sleepless nights, bald spots on my head, tearful journal entries, a sad heart, and 20 extra pounds.

Yet no matter how turbulent my journey gets, I hold on to faith because that’s what gets me past What if? or I’m scared or I might look crazy.

Even the most turbulent of flights leads to a beautiful destination. And where there’s faith, there’s power . . . and failure has no power over faith.

What motivates you to give your life your all? Whether it’s parenting, public service, or being a frontline employee, mega CEO, dance teacher, or pop star, find and latch onto what gets you riled up and ecstatic at the same time.

Trust yourself.

Leap at your own speed, believing you can fly using the strength of your own wings.

Grand jeté, or flea hop over the top—it’s your choice.

Be patient with yourself, and anticipate smooth landings.

“Faith gets you past What if . . .” LaurieTALKS

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