Plant Seeds of Expectation

Sometimes you’ll listen to that small inner voice, heed your own sage counsel, and still make a mistake or misstep. Stuff happens, and it’s unrealistic to expect guarantees at every juncture.

Forgive yourself for the half-completed projects and the ventures you quit after a few attempts. Inactivity during any days, weeks, or years needn’t justify the same behavior moving forward. No one is more aware of your minor imperfections than you are. Instead of finding fault, listing flaws, berating yourself, and being your own worst critic—this will sound corny—be your best friend. Talk nice to yourself, like the way you would to someone you love, and talk to yourself instead of listening to yourself. The solution for occasional falls or stalls is to plant again. Plant seeds today in advance of the harvest you expect tomorrow.      

"Plant. Bloom." ~ LaurieTALKS

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