Redirecting a Play-It-Safe Mindset

There was a time in my life when I desperately wanted to move to Los Angeles and fulfill my dream of earning a living as a tap dancer. Friends, family, and other people whose opinions I valued called my dream “pure folly.”

Below is an effective and useful three-step process for tapping into the power of your mind to redirect a play-it-safe thoughts.

Step 1. See your dream. If you don’t see the big picture, see excellence—whatever that looks like for you today. Position the dream as a sign that points you toward your end goal. Believe in your power to create what your imagination summons up.

Step 2. Tap into your powerful imagination to summon up your dream. See it in your mind’s eye. Vision board, journal, or paint about it. Evoking the dream signals and confirms to you that you own it  . . .  and, as such, are capable of realizing it.

Step 3. Use the doubt of others as motivation to carry on—like it’s a vote of confidence cast in your direction. Use it as ammunition to not only prove the doubters wrong but also to exceed even your own expectations. (How good is that, right?)

See your dream, Big Dreamer. Tap into your imagination while continuing to step up to give your life your all. 

When individuals from boxed-in, small, and safe worlds attempt to discourage you from even trying something different or new, it’s time to connect with growth people.

You own your destiny. You’re the one stepping up to work to give your life your all. Anyone else’s opinion about how you do what you do is just that—an opinion. Pure folly. ” ~ LaurieTALK

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