Strange, indeedy.

Strange Love, Strange Habits

Do you have some habit that’s stopping you from being all you can be?

I used to love watching reality television. One of my fav shows was Strange Love. It featured the romantic happenings between Flava Flav and Brigitte Nielsen.

Watching their strange love became my strange habit.

A habit is any action or behavior you’ve performed so frequently that it becomes almost involuntary. Some habits strengthen you. Others weaken you.

Reality TV was definitely not strengthening me. In fact, hour after hour of delightful entertainment was weakening me. Big time.

Not only was I coordinating my daily activities around the broadcasting schedules of my favorite shows; but I also knew more about the lives of celebrities and what was in their food than I knew about my own life and my own food.

Habits form the foundation of our lives, and they develop from our everyday choices.

Confucius said, “Men’s natures are alike; it is their habits that separate them.”

If you have a habit—strange or otherwise—that’s stopping you from being all you can be, give it your attention.


Because some habits come at a cost (lost relationships, financial ruin, loss of credibility, peace of mind) and can truly stop you from being all you can be.  

Here’s a 3-step approach for maintaining your power while redirecting energy toward modifying a habit:

  • Persistence is the key.

  • Affirming thoughts and language are the fuel.

  • You are the engine.


Navigating through the habit-changing phases may prove to be challenging and take time.

It may take years—even decades—of persisting, during which you claim, “I won’t quit. I’ll make it. Yes, I can. I can do this. So what, if it’s taking me forever. Who cares how long it takes. The passing of time is no reason to quit. Time is passing regardless—so let me get busy.”

Persistence is the key through which you maintain that “don’t give up” outlook . . . so that even during those times when life feels like it’s just not going your way, you still see yourself succeeding.

Develop the habit of saying ‘yes’ to yourself and be all you can be.” ~ LaurieTALKS

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