Stuck in a Rut? Try Deliberate Optimism

Sometimes life just feels wrong. Like you’re stuck in a rut and going from one bad situation to another.

You may even think you’ve got the wrong job, or the wrong relationship, and the wrong life, in the wrong city.

At this point, let me suggest deliberate optimism.
Deliberate optimism is an awesome tool—and your ultimate power resource for beginning the process of getting unstuck.
Optimists are creative thinkers. They channel energy and direct their thoughts toward the positive aspects of a moment or situation.

Even when they’re surrounded by others who are overly affected by doubt or fear, optimists hold on to a perspective that sees the silver lining in challenging circumstances.

Optimists know that the process of getting unstuck begins with a thought. That’s why they think:

  • I will succeed. Watch me.
  • Yes, it is nice. Thank you.
  • Everything is working out for my good.
  • There’s enough good to go around.

Non-affirming language sounds like this:

  • I wish . . .
  • Must be nice . . .
  • Not in this lifetime . . .
  • What I’m afraid might happen is . . .
  • With my luck . . .

Optimists report having fewer negative emotions, being in an upbeat mood more often, and recovering from setbacks more quickly as a result of staying positive.

When you’re deliberately optimistic, the current circumstance—whatever it isneedn’t change your point of view” ~ LaurieTALKS

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