10 Random Things you Don’t Know about Me

Random facts about LaurieTalks: 

1.     I have difficulty pronouncing my own first name.

2.    I didn't learn to read until I was 8 and was almost left back in first grade.

3.    I do Bikram yoga where the room is approximately 105 degrees.

4.    I have a wife.

5.    I wear lots of hats – that’s where I store my keys and lip gloss.

6.    I ask to see the dessert menu first.

7.    I'm highly introverted even though I talk a-lot. LaurieTalks talks.

8.    I always misspell “separately.”

9.    I grew up without a father and watched my mom raise 9 kids alone.

10.  I rarely reveal personal details about myself.

“Open confession is good for the soul.” - Scottish Proverb

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