8 Basic Etiquette Tips Every Young Adult Should Know

freelancerBDGet treated like the well-mannered young adult that you are. Create an exceptional brand of you. Be a joy to be around. The alternative is to be Ill-mannered and obnoxious. Who needs that?


2. SPEAK CLEARLY. Mumbling makes you high maintenance. It’s a lot of work to continually ask someone to repeat themselves.

3. STAY PRESENT WITH THOSE IN YOUR PRESENCE. Pass on answering your phone in the middle of a face-to-face conversation. It’s rude and could signal to the other person that they are not important. And we certainly can’t have any of that. 

4. BE GRACIOUS THROUGH GRATITUDE.  “Thank you,” are two words that go a long way in life. If you really want to show out, consider sending hand-written Thank You Notes.

5. BUILD YOUR ONLINE PRESENCE.  Social media is easy to use or abuse. Every picture doesn’t need to be posted nor does every thought need to be expressed. Carry on in excellence.

6. FOLLOW THROUGH. If you say you’re going to do something – then by golly, do it. Following through may require asking for help or to make bold moves to face your fears.

7. EXCUSE YOURSELF. My biggest pet peeve is when I’m having a conversation with someone and a third person approaches. Without saying excuse me, they interrupt and begin speaking with either one of us.

Or worse yet, they ignore me like I’m not there while initiating a full on discussion with the person I was speaking to. Rude!

8. ARRIVE ON TIME. Chronic latecomers who casually assert, “Sorry I’m late,” are not sorry. They’re always late and lateness is disrespectful.

Demonstrating politeness is easy. Most of us have mastered saying hello, good to see you, and I’m looking forward to our next visit. But what about the interpersonal skills that distinguish you from a robot?

“All communication that takes place in relationships—from friendship to romance to the one you have with your dance teacher, agent, or colleague—requires thoughtfulness.” ~ LaurieTALKS

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