Celebrate the release

A Letting Go Ceremony

Of the countless ways to make positive change in your life, one that works for me particularly well is planning A Letting Go Ceremony. 

The event is built around releasing and/or letting go of what I no longer need or want.

Letting go takes time because whatever needs letting go likely took years to build, acquire, or create.

Also, healing takes time.

The ceremony is all about the planning. The timing of the event is a big factor because you have to know that you’re truly ready to let go of something or someone.

My ceremonies involve going for a run or taking a hot yoga class – pre covid. While preparing for class, I confirm to myself all the good reasons why I’m prepared to renew, restore, and recharge.

Letting go and moving on takes time so be patient and kind to yourself. 

Prepare by giving yourself plenty of self-talking to’s.

Appreciate what you’re leaving behind throughout your letting go process.

Once you’re ready to let go – set an appointed time to liberate something specific in you.

Celebrate the release while ceremoniously saying good bye to one aspect of your life while saying, “Hello” to another.

Consider A Letting Go Ceremony  . . . and celebrate letting go.” ~ LaurieTALKS

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