Every Day I’m Wondering

I wonder. I'm a big wonderer. While brushing my teeth, standing in line, or traveling the country teaching tap dancing on Tremaine Dance Conventions, I wonder:
  1. Do the ears of some men get larger and more flappy as they age? Is that my imagination? 
  2. Why do I keep trying to reason with someone who's irrational? Maybe it's me? 
  3. Why do some store retailers take their voice up an octave when greeting or  speaking with customers? Are they required to speak in high pitched tone? Is this part of their training to try to make customers believe they're making an effort to appear super-nice and friendly?
  4. Does everyone have a dream?
  5. Why do some people say they have a dream, yet organize their lives and make choices so that the dream becomes less likely?
  6. Why do Oreos in the regular size family package taste differently from the small, individual 4 or 6-count package?
  7. Can anyone really become president of the United States? 
  8. When shopping for jalapeños, how can I tell if the pepper I choose will be caliente?  
  9. Why can't everyone recognize their inner peace and awareness? #worldpeace
  10. Why do some financially strapped individuals continue to frivolously spend money?
  11. What accounts for different levels of maternal or paternal instincts among parents?
  12. Do individuals who work for marketing and advertising pharmaceuticals laugh or cry when they review the list of a drugs side effects?
Happy wonderings.

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