Why I Deleted 4,999 Facebook “Friends”

un-friendThe purpose of this writing is to answer the question, “Laurie, why did you delete your 4,999 Facebook “friends”?

The year was 2014. That’s when I discovered the high personal cost of managing Facebook.

The price was high because time spent consuming social media depleted my energy and interfered with my plans to write my next book.

I was caught up, sidetracked, and off-course.

Furthermore, I daydream.

I have a short attention span, and am easily distracted and entertained.

It obviously wasn’t prudent for me to purposefully spend time consuming content.

The choice is to either watch, engage, and add emojis ad infinitum … or to create.

Choose to create.  

In hindsight, I realize just how dramatic I was to delete all my “friends.” 

I regret that we ended. I will never regret what we had.” ~ LaurieTALKS

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