Why I Deleted 4,999 Facebook “Friends”

un-friendThe purpose of this writing is to answer the question, “Laurie, why did you delete your 4,999 Facebook “friends”?

The year was 2014. That’s when I discovered the high personal cost of managing Facebook. How do I know the price was high? Because it interfered with my plans to write my next book. Time spent consuming social media depleted my energy resource. I was caught up, sidetracked, and off-course. Furthermore, I daydream, have a short attention span, and am easily distracted and entertained. It obviously wasn’t prudent for me to purposefully spend time consuming content I neither needed nor wanted. There are two kinds of people: content consumers and content creators. My choices were to either watch, engage, and add emojis ad infinitum … or to create. I chose to create—in fact, to write my third book. In hindsight, I realize just how dramatic I was to delete all my “friends.” I wish I hadn't. "I regret that we ended. I will never regret what we had." ~ LaurieTALKS

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