doing good

Doing Good Looks Good on You

doing goodLeaving my house this morning I noticed a woman pulling out of her garage. Her tall, thermal coffee cup was still on top of the car. There were no bumps in the road, at least not yet.

I pulled up beside her at the stop signal. I motioned for her to sit tight. I hopped out of my car and circled around the back of hers and grabbed the cup.

By this time, she realized what was going on. She lowered her window and accepted my gift, her coffee. Then she said, “Oh, you are too cute.” That’s what got me. I wondered what she meant, because I was on my way to yoga, and I had just rolled out of bed. I looked crazy.

There was no way I looked cute. Then I realized she was referencing an energy and enthusiasm that emanated from the inside.

Kind gestures and smiles have nothing to do with what you’re wearing or how your hair looks. It’s your beautiful, good natured energy with which others resonate. Doing good looks good on you and doing good is its own reward.

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