"Rich by Choice. Poor by Habit."

If You’re a Procrastinator, Try Some Positive Pressure

This is a story about how I motivated myself to stop procrastinating and write a book. 

I stall when it’s time to tackle tasks I find challenging, unpleasant, intimidating, or overwhelming.

Yet stalling creates stress. And soon enough I’m in a horrible cycle of spending time and energy feeling horrible about avoiding whatever I’m avoiding.

I’ll give you an important example. I had plans to write a book. But for two years absolutely nothing happened. It was just an idea, a thought, a dream.

What worked to stop my procrastinating? Positive pressure that I myself created. This got me on track, in gear, and obligated to complete the project.

Here’s what I did. I told everyone I was writing a book. When I say “everyone,” I mean everyone!

I did this because I knew that people would continue to ask me about it—and I wouldn’t allow myself to suffer the embarrassment and shame of not finishing the book.

That’s because finishing it was a lot easier than losing my credibility and being identified as someone who doesn’t walk the TALK. (Sidenote: I wrote most of Rich by Choice, Poor by Habit sitting in airports and airplanes while traveling with Tremaine.)

What do you want to achieve? Can you name it? Will you claim it?

Consider the technique of creating (a bit of) positive pressure as a way to confirm that you believe in your goals and dreams while simultaneously limiting or managing procrastination.

State your claim.

Claiming an achievement in advance is the ultimate self-affirmation.” ~ LaurieTALKS

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