mo clutter, mo problems

Less Is More: Life Decluttered

mo clutter, mo problems

I strive for minimalism. So I’m continually on the lookout for what’s not needed. Whether I’m in my car, my closet, or my pantry, I look for what can be removed.

Reducing material clutter helps me to reduce mental clutter. This is of tremendous benefit to someone like me, who has difficulty focusing and is easily distracted.

Material goods take up energy—and where energy goes, your attention flows.

Consider passing on purchasing what you may not need but what.

Dare to know which of your material possessions are valuable, which are sentimental junk, or which ones may have a portion of your self-worth caught up in them.

Living with minimalism in mind keeps life simple because you live with less. Living with less helps you to value what you have.

The best part is that there’s less to clean, manage, monitor, protect, inventory, or dust.

Decluttering is great on its own. Decluttering in combination with needing and wanting less will actually give you more— more time to focus on what’s important in your life.

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