Making Sacrifices: This for That

MakingSacrificeI like to say that you can have everything you want, you just can't have it all at the same time. Some things require work and a bit of sacrifice.

Instead of thinking, "Sacrificing means I'll have to give up something I want right now."  

Think, "I'm willing to sacrifice what I want right now to get what I really want later."

You can't have what you want when you want it.

So, what is the key to making sacrifices and putting this principle to work in your life? Whether you are in high school or you are 40 years old, consider where you want to be next year or in five years.

Making Sacrifices is an Inevitable Part of Life

Living your best life involves serving others. Consider shifting your thinking to believing that sacrifice isn't about losing anything, but rather about gaining something else.

If you want Y you'll have to give up X. Let's say you want to lose weight and feel better. Then passing on fast, and fried food makes sense Sacrificing 30 minutes of sitting on the sofa to go for a walk/run will also provide some desired results. It's a matter of figuring out what you can trade for what.

This for that!

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