One Rhinestone at a Time

I used to make major life decisions the same way I'd go about rhinestoning a pair of tap shoes.

I’ve always been comfortable jumping right in. When it comes to bedazzling shoes I don’t approach the task/project with an outline, strategy, or vision.

I simply start gluing (one stone at a time) and accept whatever happens.

I begin other projects with no endgame or exit strategy. Vacation planning? I book airfare and trust that lodging, ground transportation, dining, and other activities will fall into place. They usually do. Side note, this ended when I met Brie. I'd begin painting a room without using a drop cloth, tape, or a backing-out-of-the room strategy. Afterwards, I spend more time backtracking and cleaning than I spent painting the room. While opening electronics or anything else, I unbox, plug in, assemble, and fiddle around before referencing the directions. I broke the new juicer. And teaching tap dancing on Tremaine Dance Conventions? There’s this crazy rumor going around that I actually walk on stage to teach my tap class, and with a straight face ask, “O.K. Who’s got music?”

Most of these approaches result in chaos, stress, anxiety, failure, and successes.

Choosing to be sporadic, impulsive, haphazard, and without direction relative to decorating shoes is a risk I remain willing to take. I can live with the downside. The consequence is limited.

However, making day-to-day choices in the same fashion is not wise. It's those small, seemingly inconsequential day-to-day decisions that shape your life.

The orange shoes pictured here are one of my many start-to-finish  creations. They get lovingly tapped in by a student amiga in Colorado named Sara. She's cool.

A pair of shoes can change everything. Just ask Cinderella and Dorothy.

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