sensitivity paves the way

Sensitivity Paved the Way

sensitivity paves the way

I went to 13 different schools, and no, my family never moved. I was typically the socially awkward, goofy new kid who didn’t quite fit/blend in.

There was a time when I had to be chaperoned to and from school and “watched” during recess to protect me from being beat up by classmates.

Academically, no one wanted to work or share space with me.

Gym class was challenging because I was always (yes, always), regardless of the game for which captains were choosing teammates, the last selected.

The only subject in which I excelled or enjoyed was arts and crafts.

Homelife with no dad and eight brothers and sisters was difficult.

Today, I reap the benefits of my early challenges: I’ve learned sensitivity.

Sensitivity is liberating because it opens the door to acceptance.

I’m sensitive to the dancer in the back row, the student who struggles academically, the parent fighting for custody, the underpaid teacher, the hourly worker who feels stuck, and the sick or shut-in.

If you’re awkward, insecure, doubtful, uncomfortable, and/or self-conscious, I understand. I’m sensitive to you.

Sometimes what appears not to be working is in fact, working out for your good. 

Use your quiet, downtime to grow into your strengths.

Dream of telling your story the way you want your story told. Focus less on what’s not working.

Imagine what’s possible for your life. Visualize and invent what’s possible for your life. Love yourself.  You’re a sensitive being.

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