over the moon in under a minute

The Feeling Good Goal

over the moon in under a minuteMost of the time we just want to feel good.

We search for the perfect job because we want to enjoy what we do.

We want a smooth relationship, because we want to be happy.

We want good health, so we can feel awesome, and we want money … so we can ball.

But if all this is to feel better, then why not simply make feeling good the goal?

Did you know it’s possible to “feel better” without even having the “thing” you thought you needed to feel good? That’s right!’

You can cut out the middleman and be your own endorphin delivery service. Cognitive psychologists use this technique all the time, and it works!

Next time you’re feeling not so on top of the world, harness your feeling good powers. Answer these questions.

  • What thoughts will change the way I feel right now?
  • What’s going well in my life today?
  • What am I really grateful for?
  • What can I do right now to feel good or better?

Then look for what’s good, let the good in, and resist any impulse to negate what’s good.

If you comfortably pay your bills and you know where your next meal is coming from, maybe that’s good enough for today.

Me? One of my feeling good place is securing the PERFECT parking spot. I won’t valet park which is common in Los Angeles where I live. I ALWAYS find parking, and seldom pay for it.

My ideal spot is not only free, but it’s one where there’s ample space on all sides to ensure my ultra clean, cassette-tape equipped, ’98 Lexus, GS 300 remains ding free and shiny.

Are you easily distracted by shiny objects? I am.” ~ LaurieTALKS

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