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Latest Podcast Episodes

EP65 | Changing Direction

It’s true that sometimes changing direction and trying something different can be helpful in life. Seeking new opportunities and experiences can lead to personal growth and a wider range of skills and knowledge. Stay open-minded. Take intelligent and calculated risks. Go for great.

EP63 | Rich Money Choices

Take care of your money. And, eventually, your money will take care of you.   As artists and entrepreneurs, we don’t always have the luxury of consistent income – especially at the beginning of our careers.   Show business is, by its nature, episodic. Opportunities available today may not be available tomorrow.   Seasonal or […]

EP61 | Falling Down Stairs

Episode 61 of LaurieTALKS, is all about the importance of valuing and taking care of your body as a dancer. Let’s begin with simple stuff like using the handrail when descending stairs, and not dancing on cement. In this episode I share two stories: Falling down the stairs Using a wooden door as a solution […]

EP60 | Watch How You Talk to Me

Standing up for yourself and being assertive is not about being rude, pushy, mean, or aggressive. It’s about finding a way for you to be comfortable when asking for what you want in a way that respects others and that others respect. If you don’t feel good about yourself, you lose power because you think […]

EP59 | When I Was the Ultimate Cynic

A cynical mindset obliterates hope and is a massive barrier to anything good. No one gets through life untested. If you’re picking up on what the TALK is about, I’m grateful. Thank you. Thanks also for the support. Please continue to like, subscribe, rate, review, and/or share. @LaurieTALKS

EP58 | Self Directed Career Paths

Thanks to new tools and advances in consumer technologies, now anyone with passion and a smartphone can release authentic and engaging content to large audiences. An ever-growing number of empowered individuals are using social media platforms as a marketplace for leveraging their skills and finding new ways to make a living. The reduced costs of […]

EP57 | No Road Map for Careers in Entertainment

 “You can start with nothing. And out of nothing, and out of no way, a way will be made.” This Michael Beckwith quote gives me life. Big dreamer, please direct no energy toward doubtful thoughts. Make yourself available to your possibilities because your possibilities are your fuel. Stand up and cheer yourself on.

EP56 | Organization and Efficiency

Whether it’s searching for your dance shoes, mobile device, keys, or a digital document, time spent looking for (misplaced) items signals disorganization. And if you’re in a state of disorganization, how will you manage? Getting organized is about creating efficiencies to improve the overall quality of your life. Let’s go. Thanks for listening. I appreciate […]

EP55 | Admitting Wrongdoing

. . . because not everyone can be right all the time.    Thanks for listening. I appreciate you.    Please subscribe, rate, and review the show.   How to connect: Website: Instagram:

EP54 | 16 Ways To Manage Any Day

Thinking creates ideas. Ideas lead to actions. Actions produce habits. And habits play a major part in how you build your life. My friend, here are 16 ways to build your day.  Appreciate life’s little treasures Declutter your physical environment Risk assess to minimize regret Create quiet time Tend to your body Practice optimism Ignore […]

EP53 | Piloting a First-Class Mindset

I travel with Tremaine Dance Conventions. And, believe me, I’ve boarded my fair share of flights. Occasionally I’ll observe a passenger who, while walking through the first-class cabin on their way to the coach section of the aircraft, says something like, “Wow! First-class! Must be nice!”  Is the coach passenger announcing they don’t believe they have […]

EP52 | Deliberately Direct Your Career Path

An interesting aspect of building a career around your passion (especially in the entertainment and performing arts) is that no two-industry professionals journey the exact same course.   Dance, like life, has no road map or manual. We each self-direct and chart our own career paths. The TALK for this episode is about deliberately building […]

EP50 | Self-Reflection After a Breakup

What do you do post-relationship breakup? Do you take a minute to conduct some sort of self-assessment, or do you just jump right back in the saddle? For a long time, I was in the second group. Then somehow, somewhere, I decided that creating a new relationship without resolving old issues was a missed opportunity. […]

EP49 | Stuck in a Rut

What do you do if you think you’ve got the wrong job, or the wrong relationship, and the wrong life, in the wrong city? When life feels wrong—like you’re going from one bad situation to another—consider activating your creative thinking skills. Optimists are creative thinkers. Optimistic, creative thinkers hold a perspective that sees the silver […]

EP48 | Finding Freedom in Solitude

In this episode, I TALK about how intentionally investing time in yourself can reinvigorate your mind and help you tap into your strengths. Sending you love. Thanks for listening. I discovered the difference between solitude and loneliness while healing from a relationship breakup. In this episode, I TALK about how intentionally investing time in yourself […]

EP 46 | Procrastinators, Try Some Positive Pressure

It’s easy to stall on tasks we find challenging, intimidating, or overwhelming.  Yet stalling creates stress. And soon enough you’re in a horrible cycle of spending time and energy feeling horrible about avoiding whatever you’re avoiding. Listen now to find out how positive pressure worked to stop my procrastination and get me on track, in […]

EP 45 | Body Talk

Nothing’s more shattering to a dancer than an afflicted body. Fortunately, your body is smart, and it knows how to communicate with you. Just as you truly appreciate love after experiencing heartache, you truly appreciate dance after sitting on the sidelines due to an injury. In this episode I present: If Your Injured Body Could […]

EP 44 | Finding Happiness

Living the life you want isn’t the cause of happiness. It’s the result of it.While at a Toastmasters International meeting, I came right out and said it: “There’s no such thing as happiness.” I complained and griped about how even the sound of the word made my skin crawl and how mad I got when […]

EP 43 | Branding Your Brand of Greatness

Branding relates to who you are, what you do, and why you do what you do. Whether you call yourself a personal brand is not as relevant as the fact that – in a way, your brand is like your reputation . . . it’s something you develop with or without your approval or permission. […]

EP 42 | Broke But Not Poor

In this episode, I share a story about a time in my life when I: Wallowed in an endless cycle of mental anguish, despair, and misery. Ruined my credit and was in credit card debt Struggled simply to survive and yet – was barely doing so Experienced sleepless nights, an ulcer, bald spots on my […]

EP 41 | Running Toward Opportunity: A Story from the LaurieTALKS Blog

I begin this episode by reading to you from my blog. It’s a story about how we sometimes use our perceived limitations as an excuse to continue to fail. Listen for my mom’s use of the word opportunity. I’m sharing this story to remind you that opportunity is everywhere and to always be on the […]

EP 40 | Maintaining a Wealth-of-Health Mindset

Dear Big Dreamer,  Here are alternative titles I considered for this episode.   It’s Not Your Circumstances, It’s Your State of Mind Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life Live for Today, Choose for Tomorrow Replace Poor Habits with Rich Choices Replace Poor Choices with Rich Thoughts Changing Yourself from the Inside Out Break a Habit […]

EP 39| Avoiding Arguments: Easier Said Than Done

Think for a second about what happens when you get into an argument. It’s rare that anything truly positive comes from it. In fact, winning an argument is overrated. And wasting time on inconsequential nonsense is pointless. On the other hand . . . argue with no one and everyone wins, right? Listen now to […]

EP 38 | 10 Tips for Remaining Positively Mindful

I know I waste time. I waste my time. How? Pondering stupid stuff that doesn’t matter and certainly won’t matter years down the road or even tomorrow. Listen now as I share 10 ways to avoid mental distractions that take you away from your big dream. Thank you. @LaurieTALKS TAP IN to Your Full […]

EP 37 | Say Yes to You, Try Something New: Spinning a Hula Hoop of Yes

In this episode, I TALK about why one of my mom’s lectures, when I was just eight, has stuck with me all these years, and how it contributed toward me getting my job with Tremaine Dance Conventions. Mother’s main points: Resist counting yourself out by announcing what you can’t do Remain willing to say “yes” […]

EP 36 | Three Kinds of People

You probably have a few people in your life who are terrible at really listening to you. Terrible at considering anyone’s feelings but their own. Terrible at accepting they were wrong or at fault—about anything. At the same time, these people are very good at telling lies—big or little. Good at crossing boundaries you’ve set. […]

EP 35 | Teaching People How to Treat You = Boundary Setting

Teaching others how to treat you is serious business. Standing up for yourself and being assertive is not about being rude, pushy, mean, or aggressive. It’s about finding a way for you to be comfortable when asking for what you want in a way that respects others and that others respect. Thanks for listening. I […]

EP 34 | What’s Good? Tremaine, Empowered Teens, & Self-Discipline

What’s good, my friend? In this episode the TALK is:  Eleventh hour, check mate level, family drama Tremaine Orlando and the value of dress rehearsal Physical care of your body My story of self-discipline Little wins make the big victory Empowered teens hold the vision for all that is good Thanks for listening. I appreciate […]

EP 33 | Teen Confidence In a Creator Economy

Tremaine Dance Conventions winter tour, 2021-22 has officially commenced. We completed 2 cities weeks and I am noticing a new, heightened level of confidence (self-love) in teens. More and more teens are sustaining hope in a creator economy and many are using dance as a medium to self-express to feed their lives. They’re good enough […]

EP 32 | Sustaining Hope In a Creator Economy

Sustaining Hope in a Creator Economy | EP 32 During the last few months, I’ve TALKed to several people who have expressed a similar concern: Maybe it’s too late for me to pursue my field of interest. These creatives were counting themselves out because, in their minds, too many others were already doing what they […]

EP 31| Looking in the Mirror to Help You Define Your Truth

I created a super simple technique for keeping myself in check. Whenever I’m wondering “Why is my life not like I want it?” or “Why am I in the situation(s) I’m in?” – I go to my go-to practice: I face myself in the mirror and ask, “What’s my motive?” Asking this question presents me […]

EP 30 | What to Do When People Tell You About You: Unsolicited Input

A few days ago I was on the phone with one of my nieces. Somehow, somewhere in our long conversation, she suggested that I, LaurieTALKS, have little to show for all the years of effort I’ve dedicated to my career. My reaction to this bomb my niece dropped on me? To spontaneously record this episode. […]

EP 28 | Ramping Up Organization in Your Life

This is my second recording of Episode 28. I posted the first version and realized 24 hours later that I’d forgotten to make my point. During the first recording, I was so committed to sharing the details of my favorite organizational program, called Trello, that I failed to explain why it’s important to give some […]

EP 27 | Debbie Allen Dance Teacher & USC Professor, Sarah Anindo Marshall

Sarah Anindo Marshall say that “Art is medicine” because it pulls from real-life experiences. Whether you write, sing, paint, act, dance, or play an instrument, the arts help you tell your story. For Sarah, the idea of art being medicine became a kind of seed. And that seed became a dream … a dream to […]

EP 26 | Time Management Through Mind Management with Andrea Liebross

Andrea Liebross is consistent, focused, and disciplined in her own life and I asked her how she does it. Her reply? Time management begins with mind management. How you manage your time is a direct reflection of how you manage your mind. Listen in as Andrea provides useful mind management tips to help you figure out […]

EP 25 | 6 Ideas For Developing A Big Dreamer Growth Mindset

Artistry is on the upswing. As you continue to define success for yourself, I'm sharing 6 ideas relating to the importance of: Pushing past yourself Coping as a way of life Selecting either a creator or consumer mindset while scanning social media Not believing your own hype Not fretting the details ... and  Making room in your everyday life for your dream.

EP 24 | My First 2 Months on Clubhouse

Whatever it is you're seeking, is seeking you - especially if you're on Clubhouse. Welcome and thanks for listening. I'm coming up on my 2-month CH anniversary. CH is like an iPhone party line with no photos or videos. There are voices from around the globe. Some people blush their first time on stage. As an audience member you may blush from feeling like you're listening in on someone else's phone conversation, except - legally.

EP 23 | 5 Tips for Big Dreamers To Stay Focused

There’s a great joy in being a present day artist. There’s fire behind you and safety ahead. Dream beyond your previous dreams because there’s no limit to what you can put into play.

EP 22 | Mourning Mother

It happened. My mom passed away. She died from non-smoker’s emphysema, probably from a lifetime of asthma. Mother was dedicated to the performing arts and to fitness. Her twice weekly exercise class to senior citizens was shut down in March, 2020. She was a dance studio owner who could stretch a dollar like a boss. […]

EP 21 | 3 Practices for Self-Love

This has been a tough season for a lot of people, including me. There’s Covid-19, racial tensions, and I’ve got family drama I’m dealing with too. What you’ll hear is a bit of a self-pep talk. I reminisce about other tough times I’ve been through and how I got myself through to the other side […]

EP 20 | New Priorities New Balance

Have you ever had someone speak hard words of truth to you? Once upon a time I got a tongue lashing from my mother after telling her the truth. Why? Because the truth was an ugly truth. I was settling for less than what she and I knew I was capable of. That tongue lashing […]

EP 19 | Speaking Up about Racism with Kim Gingras

Kim is no racist. I already knew that. I mean, she has toured with Beyoncé and was taught by black dance instructors. What’s beautiful, though, is that she wants to do something more to help end racism. She’s been speaking out on social media, reminding us all what matters most. Kim and I agree that […]

EP 18| Positively Angry, A Conversation with My Sister, Lisa

I was feeling numb. I headed to my desk to record a podcast. My sister called. During this 20-min conversation, she continued to chop ingredients for her salad. We TALK: Protesting Tap dance shoes Money destroying passion Cursing on a podcast The benefits of using a wooden cutting board while recording a podcast, and The […]

EP 17 | Building Your Dance Dream with Jeff Amsden

Jeff has been in the dance business for 40 years. He’s had roles of dancer, teacher, choreographer, and director. For a kid who started as a street dancer and literally cleaned his way into dance classes, he’s come a long way. For two years in a row, he’s had students accepted into the Julliard School […]

EP 16 | Delaney Glazer Puts Social Media in Its Place

How has quarantine life been treating Delaney Glazer? She’s spending a lot of time by herself. While some may see that as a downer, she’s quick to point out that personal growth happens mostly in solitude. Girl’s got a healthy perspective there. In my conversation with Delaney, she speaks truth about social media, that it […]

EP 15 | Planning Now for Future Success, with Kinley

You’ve been hearing about virtual dance classes, right? Have you wondered what they’re like, if they’re any good, if you can actually learn to dance virtually? Kinley, age nine, jumped right into the virtual-dance-class world, and she’s a believer. She has a number of positive things to say about the bargain-priced classes she’s been taking. […]

EP 14 | Curate Your Own Perspective, with Katy Tate

Katy Tate has worked with Jennifer Lopez, Derrick and Julianne Hough, World of Dance Live Tour, Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, Disney, MTV, Billboard Music Awards, Latin Billboards, AMAs, and even Super Bowl 2020, among many notable others. And today’s she’s my guest on the podcast. Katy is had a bad bout with COVID-19, and when […]

EP 13 | Laurie Answers Questions About Her Life

Inquiring minds want to know… Did you move? Are you renting or did you buy? How is your life now that you’re not traveling? Is Brie working? How did that custody case turn out? How’s your podcast recording going? In today’s episode, you’ll hear the answers to these….and much more…especially words of encouragement for artists […]

EP 12 | Tremaine’s Audio Engineer, John Johnson

Meet John, my sound guy. He’s also the sound guy for Tremaine, which is how we met. Before he walked into a recording studio as a musician at age 18, John didn’t realize that audio engineering was a career. His first encounter with a sound engineer left him, let’s just say, unimpressed with the level […]

EP 11 | Performing in The Zone with Julie Swift

I’ve judged competitions, so I’ve seen it enough times to know (when) it’s real, even though I’ve never experienced it myself. I’m talking about blissing-out and performing in “the zone.” Julie, owner of Manhattan Dance Academy and director of Dancing Divas & Dudes, shares tips on how to get there.  A bit more about Julie… […]

EP 10 | Your Dream Matters, A Message From Laurie to You

Today’s show is a message from me to you. And it’s a heavy one. It’s about life – your life.  It boils down to this: don’t let this quarantine time get you down. Use this time so that you can come out of it empowered to do you like you’ve never done you before.   Get […]

EP 9 | A Clear Purpose To Overcome Adversity with Austin Roberson

Following a back injury, Austin went from professional dancer to professional digital marketer, from dancing in Chicago to helping studios keep their classrooms full. An event, a conflict, an injury isn’t a green light to throw in the towel. It’s a reminder to broaden your vision. As a marketing guru for dance studios, Austin shares […]

EP 8 | Keeping A Positive Outlook During a Pandemic with Joe Tremaine

“My luggage is still sitting there…Gotta make lemonade out of this. I don’t see any reason to go off the negative end.” Listen in on my chat with the man himself, Joe Tremaine. We cover what’s going on with Tremaine Dance in the midst of this virus outbreak. Note that no one wrings their hands […]

EP 7 | How Dance Can Become Your Happy Space with Chloe

“I have more time to dance. That’s why I’m homeschooled.” Looks like it’s paying off, as Chloe won first place in showmanship. She both danced and choreographed her number. She recalls what it’s like to be in the zone when she’s performing. It’s what she calls her happy space. Chloe aspires to the following path: […]

EP 6 | A Healthy Mindset for Happiness in a Changing World

Asks a 28-year old male dancer: “What is your advice on keeping ourselves motivated to come back as better dancers when the COVID-19 break is over?” I answer: “There’s never been a better time for us to hunker down in solitude — not loneliness — to think, ‘Who am I? What do i want to […]

EP 3 | Learning To Be More Mindful Everyday With Coach-E

Coach takes us back to the basics…to when we learned, as little tykes, about the colors of a traffic light and what they mean. Red for stop. Green for go. Yellow for pause. She argues that if we’ll take more time to pause — to consider, to think, to plan — we’ll have better outcomes […]

EP 2 | How to Develop Confidence by Overcoming Self Doubt

Hear from a dance instructor (and my friend) who overcame her doubts and developed the confidence to speak her mind when judging dance competitions. Laurie: Hey, my friend. Welcome to Episode 3 of Laurie TALKS. Today, a phone call, very easy conversation, very laid back. It gives you an idea of the kinds of conversations […]

EP 1 | Welcome to the Laurie Talks Podcast

Welcome to the inaugural episode of my podcast, where you can expect blunt honesty from me. In this episode, you’ll learn about this podcast and what you can expect from future episodes, about my sister Louise, the family dance business that Louise spearheaded, why Louise declares that all dancers are special, and the recent graduate […]