EP 21 | 3 Practices for Self-Love

This has been a tough season for a lot of people, including me. There’s Covid-19, racial tensions, and I’ve got family drama I’m dealing with too. What you’ll hear is a bit of a self-pep talk. I reminisce about other tough times I’ve been through and how I got myself through to the other side by practicing self-love. Key word? Practicing.

I practice self-love by…

  • Remembering gratitude – continually practicing gratitude has no downside. “To get more, you have to appreciate and respect what you have.” A benefit – gratitude shuts down the whining and complaining.
  • Doing good – It is it’s own reward. And the idea of this leads to doing good in thought. You’ll find yourself trading jealous thoughts for ones that build others up. “Want for them what you want for yourself.”
  • Moving forward – Use what you have. Sometimes we stall because we’re believing our own excuses. Look in the mirror, rip off the band-aids, speak the bitter truth. Take responsibility for yourself, and forgive yourself. Moving forward means putting in the time to create what you want. It’s okay to not know exactly where you’re going. But every day you need to do something to show yourself that you’re capable of accomplishing your dream.

Other thoughts:

  • “Embrace whatever it is that makes you you.”
  • A leadership mindset can snap you out of negative self-talk. Hold yourself accountable. “Success starts in the mind through self-love.”
  • Practice self-love. If you’re a dancer, you know what it means to practice. You know what it takes. You’ve got what it takes.


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