EP 31| Looking in the Mirror to Help You Define Your Truth

I created a super simple technique for keeping myself in check. Whenever I’m wondering “Why is my life not like I want it?” or “Why am I in the situation(s) I’m in?” – I go to my go-to practice:

I face myself in the mirror and ask, “What’s my motive?”

Asking this question presents me with the opportunity to rethink, reevaluate, and review my words and/or deeds.

Looking in the mirror to help you define your truth is a practice. Fortunately, it’s one that gets easier the more you do it. And with time, the need to carry out this practice noticeably decreases.

Looking in the mirror with the intention of honest self-assessment is a great step toward accountability, which is an important part of defining your truth. That’s because it helps you to:


  • take stock of where you are and reflect on your strengths and weaknesses
  • identify areas where you need to develop an adjustment plan for how to respond if you’re presented with a similar situation moving forward
  • acknowledge when you’re acting from personal biases or out of revenge, anger, spitefulness, entitlement, selfishness, insecurity, pettiness, envy, or jealousy – Feel free to add to this list.
  • limit prolonged periods of denial . . . you know, those times when your head is buried in the sand
  • enhance your self-trust, which results from asking yourself tough questions. (Asking the question suggests that you can handle your truth.)


Get to the point where “checking your motives” (whether you’re actually standing in front of a mirror or not) becomes second nature …. and you’ll soon discover that living your truth is a positive consequence of having defined it.


Thank you for listening. I appreciate you.

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