EP 9 | A Clear Purpose To Overcome Adversity with Austin Roberson

Following a back injury, Austin went from professional dancer to professional digital marketer, from dancing in Chicago to helping studios keep their classrooms full. An event, a conflict, an injury isn’t a green light to throw in the towel. It’s a reminder to broaden your vision.

As a marketing guru for dance studios, Austin shares valuable tips for how to grow your studio’s reach, even during this pandemic. Always positive and looking for the silver lining, his enthusiasm is as infectious as the virus — only it’s good. We could all use some extra enthusiasm right now, so listen in!

In today’s episode you’ll learn:

– Why going digital is often harder for the larger studios
– Why it’s important to speak hope to your students and community
– Tips for normalizing operations
– Why you shouldn’t scorn the vision board

Links from Today's Episode

Both of the above to soon be available under the Austin Roberson brand.

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