EP 14 | Curate Your Own Perspective, with Katy Tate

Katy Tate has worked with Jennifer Lopez, Derrick and Julianne Hough, World of Dance Live Tour, Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, Disney, MTV, Billboard Music Awards, Latin Billboards, AMAs, and even Super Bowl 2020, among many notable others. And today’s she’s my guest on the podcast.

Katy is had a bad bout with COVID-19, and when she got better, she woke up to a brand new world. Gone is the world of dance classes and live performance. Now what?

Today Katy and I talk about where we hope things go from here and how to prepare for the worst. We talk about probable scenarios and what you can do going forward if the entertainment industry is where you want to be.

Both of Katy’s parents were in the entertainment industry too, so she’s had a lifetime to glean from the wisdom and experiences of others. And she shares some of that wisdom with us today – practical advice about finances in an uncertain industry and advice regarding cultivating options while you work towards a big break.

In today’s episode, you’ll learn:

  • About Katy’s bout with COVID-19
  • How the virus can provided needed perspective
  • Why you should always be looking to expand your talents and broaden your field of options, even if you desire to be a performer
  • Why self-doubt, to a degree, is healthy
  • Why we need to seek to create alliances and win-wins rather focus on competition within the dance industry
  • Why Katy says you need to be smart about finances if you’re in the entertainment industry

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