EP 16 | Delaney Glazer Puts Social Media in Its Place

How has quarantine life been treating Delaney Glazer? She’s spending a lot of time by herself. While some may see that as a downer, she’s quick to point out that personal growth happens mostly in solitude.

Girl’s got a healthy perspective there.

In my conversation with Delaney, she speaks truth about social media, that it can be a blessing or a curse. And if you’re checking your feeds first thing in the morning…let’s just say it’s probably not being a blessing to you. Too much of it, especially first thing in the morning, can fan feelings of guilt, competitiveness, and self-doubt. Am I dancing enough? Should I learn that dance? Is it okay that I’m taking some time off? She reminds us to “Trust your own instincts; trust your own mind; trust your own heart; and know that you will make the decisions that are right for you.”

Though she hasn’t arrived and she still feels lost some days, Delaney has reached a place where she’s able to give herself grace to rest during this time. She’s even doing weekly projects “just for fun,” and doing non-dance activities has exercised other parts of her brain and reminded her of other things that make her happy.  

What you’ll learn:

  • About Delaney’s non-dance hobbies
  • How Delaney is using Zoom to keep income rolling in
  • Delaney’s thoughts on social media, especially her words of caution about reaching for your phone first thing in the morning
  • Why Delaney isn’t sad about living alone during the quarantine
  • Why she’s thankful for online classes but doesn’t think it could ever replace studio classes

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