EP 19 | Speaking Up about Racism with Kim Gingras

Kim is no racist. I already knew that. I mean, she has toured with Beyoncé and was taught by black dance instructors. What’s beautiful, though, is that she wants to do something more to help end racism. She’s been speaking out on social media, reminding us all what matters most.


Kim and I agree that there’s a lot to be optimistic about. People are taking a stand, and those that don’t know how to stand are asking, “What can I do?” The youth of today are tuned in, and they place a higher value on equality than we’ve seen in generations past. So, take heart! Weeping lasts for a season but joy will follow. And in the end, Love will win out.


(There’s a famous quote by Audre Lorde, “Your silence will not protect you,” and it’s had a deep impact on my life. But that’s a story for another day…)


Normally Kim would be spending time on the road, but since tours and conventions have been stopped for now, she’s focusing on rebuilding her website and creating a mentorship program for students who want to make it in the commercial world. She will be sharing what she’s learned over her 15-year career.


Kim is also taking care of herself through guided meditation, her healthy relationship with her boyfriend, and connecting with others via Zoom dinner and Facetime. And, like the rest of us, she looks forward to getting back in the dance studio!



What you’ll learn:

  • About Kim Gingras
  • Why Kim recommends reaching out to black playmates from the past about what their upbringing was like
  • Why both Laurie and Kim are optimistic about the future
  • Why Laurie believes dancers are entrepreneurs
  • Kim feels that teaching dance virtually is not for her
  • How Kim plans to monetize her soon-to-be-released mentorship program

Links from this episode Coming soon, a You’ve Got This, Girl specifically for dancers (Will be available in English and French)

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