EP 27 | Debbie Allen Dance Teacher & USC Professor, Sarah Anindo Marshall

Sarah Anindo Marshall say that “Art is medicine” because it pulls from real-life experiences. Whether you write, sing, paint, act, dance, or play an instrument, the arts help you tell your story.

For Sarah, the idea of art being medicine became a kind of seed. And that seed became a dream … a dream to help children in her hometown of Luanda, Kenya, get an education in the arts and sciences. Now she’s tending—or caring for—her dream, just as a gardener tends a garden: Sarah is building that school in Luanda.

Your “seed” may simply be an idea you wrote years ago on the back of a napkin. But that’s something. Make that seed become a dream. Then keep that dream alive by nurturing and loving it as if it were a garden.

For, in fact, your dream is an important part of the garden that is your life. 

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