EP 28 | Ramping Up Organization in Your Life

This is my second recording of Episode 28. I posted the first version and realized 24 hours later that I’d forgotten to make my point.

During the first recording, I was so committed to sharing the details of my favorite organizational program, called Trello, that I failed to explain why it’s important to give some attention to how we organize our lives.

Access to additional and diverse resources have made creative entertainment industries like fashion, modeling, and the performing arts more democratized. There are new opportunities to chart new courses. As a result, the individual is more empowered than ever before. Creatives of all ages and backgrounds have greater options for forging the life of their dreams.

Yet the democratizing of creative industries … the new opportunities and greater options … have brought about massive changes in the work-life model. And for people encountering these changes, now’s a good time to ramp up their life management organization.

Test new organizational programs that will help you accomplish this. I do love Trello. My Trello boards were primarily all I TALKed about on the first posted version of this podcast episode.

Organization (on any level and in any area) boosts productivity, reduces stress, provides clarity of thought, and increases your peace of mind. Even when just a small part of your life is organized, you get all the benefits.

With the way the world is operating now – nonstop distraction – it’s critical that we use our mental bandwidth intentionally.

Remain deliberate and direct your life where you want it to go.

TAP IN to Your Full Potential

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