EP 30 | What to Do When People Tell You About You: Unsolicited Input

A few days ago I was on the phone with one of my nieces. Somehow, somewhere in our long conversation, she suggested that I, LaurieTALKS, have little to show for all the years of effort I’ve dedicated to my career.

My reaction to this bomb my niece dropped on me? To spontaneously record this episode.

My dear Big Dreamer, one day you may encounter someone who doesn’t know what you know. Or see what you see. Or both.

When that someone proceeds to share their opinion of you, remember this: You know what’s possible for your life — because you hold the vision for transforming your dream into a reality. 

Here are a few more takeaways.

  1. Your voyage is personal. Another person’s point of view, their thoughts and opinions, have little to do with you — especially if these leave you feeling low. Or depleted. Or broken. 
  2. When a person gives you feedback, if your response is to constructively self-explore, that’s one thing. If you respond by doubting yourself, that’s entirely different.
  3. Even when the person’s intentions are noble, if their feedback leaves you disbelieving your own everything, you absolutely must drawback from a potential cramp in your roll
  4. Exploring and sharing your creative voice requires patience . . . patience with the aspects of the world around you that you can’t control.
  5. If you occasionally ask yourself, “How am I going to make it?” or “Can I really build a life and a living around my artistry?” — you’re not alone. These are questions many artists have had at one time or another. 
  6. And finally, remaining brave is part of the process. It’s through trying, testing, and experimenting that we sometimes learn what we don’t want in life.

Regarding that phone call and my niece’s comment about what I have and haven’t accomplished to date . . .  it was perfect.

Because it brought me right here to this moment. Right here and now — with you. 

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