EP 37 | Say Yes to You, Try Something New: Spinning a Hula Hoop of Yes


In this episode, I TALK about why one of my mom’s lectures, when I was just eight, has stuck with me all these years, and how it contributed toward me getting my job with Tremaine Dance Conventions.

Mother’s main points:

  1. Resist counting yourself out by announcing what you can’t do
  2. Remain willing to say “yes” to yourself
  3. Always be willing to seize opportunities and to try something new

Mom didn’t care about the fact that I knew I couldn’t hula hoop. She said that wasn’t the point. The point was this: Whenever you’re asked if you can do something, the proper response is either “yes,” “I’ll try,” or “I think so.”

Today, I get it. But when I was a kid, all this went over my head.



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