EP 44 | Finding Happiness

Living the life you want isn’t the cause of happiness. It’s the result of it.
While at a Toastmasters International meeting, I came right out and said it: “There’s no such thing as happiness.” I complained and griped about how even the sound of the word made my skin crawl and how mad I got when anyone used it.

I concluded my talk by announcing to my audience—people I hadn’t met until that evening—that standing before them and having to use the word had just about ruined my day and my mood. I was seriously cynical.
While watching two of Oprah’s shows, on both occasions, I was struck by a guest spending her entire time discussing how happy she was in her life. I assumed that both Tina Turner and Barbra Streisand were lying.
Around the same time, one of my older sisters admonished me for my all-day, everyday sarcastic and pessimistic view of everything.

At first, I couldn’t see it. But, over time, I began to pay attention to what my mind was doing, and finally, I realized that my sister was right. I didn’t have one good thought on any subject.

I use my life as a test to see if Tina and Barbra were telling the truth. My motivation, including my decision to leave my desk job and tap dance for a living, became the search for happiness.

Here’s what I came up with: Happiness, contentment, and fulfillment are yours. You don’t need to wait for something outside of yourself, nor do you need a particular condition or circumstance to create it, even when you’re surrounded by those who think otherwise.

The search so many pursue outside themselves is actually
a search we must pursue within ourselves.

Your qualities aren’t static.

You can discover simple ways to make moments and days special and foster positive vibes in a negative situation.

You can, at will, change your thoughts to call upon your version of calm, cool and composed.

Yes. This stuff takes practice, which if you’re a dancer, you know very well how to do.

With practice, deliberate and conscious shifts in perception will happen, offering a peace that passes human understanding.

Cherish your faith in miracles. You’re the miracle. Stop looking.

Musical guest: @soultheharvest

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