EP50 | Self-Reflection After a Breakup

What do you do post-relationship breakup? Do you take a minute to conduct some sort of self-assessment, or do you just jump right back in the saddle?


For a long time, I was in the second group. Then somehow, somewhere, I decided that creating a new relationship without resolving old issues was a missed opportunity.


I stopped jumping directly back into the saddle. And that gave me time to look myself in the eye of the looking glass and ask some tough questions. 


In this episode, the TALK is about facing yourself—while dealing with disappointment—by looking in the mirror and providing honest answers to some possible uncomfortable questions.


Here are some of the self-exploratory questions.

When you’ve come to the end of a relationship, ask yourself a few, many, or all of them.


The Past: Did you see the red flags? When did you see the red flags? Why did you ignore them instead of following your gut (the first time)? Did you get what you were looking for in the relationship? Do you know what you were looking for? Were you disrespected or taken for granted? Were you able to effectively set boundaries in a way that worked for you?


The Future: Are you able to speak up for yourself? What do you need to do so that, moving forward, if faced with a similar situation, you can make different choices? What can you do? Can you talk about this relationship and begin every sentence with the word I — instead of he, she, they, and them? What did you learn from all this?


Enjoy the TALK with me, your host, LaurieTALKS.


Thanks for listening.


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