EP54 | 16 Ways To Manage Any Day

  • Thinking creates ideas.

  • Ideas lead to actions.

  • Actions produce habits.

  • And habits play a major part in how you build your life.

My friend, here are 16 ways to build your day.

  1.  Appreciate life’s little treasures
  2. Declutter your physical environment
  3. Risk assess to minimize regret
  4. Create quiet time
  5. Tend to your body
  6. Practice optimism
  7. Ignore outside influences that dictate what you should say, be or do
  8. Consider the collective well-being: what you want for yourself and others
  9. Consider forgiveness
  10. Connect with nature to improve your mental health
  11. Spend less than you earn
  12. Develop your character instead of your personality
  13. Proactively direct social media
  14. Limit your interaction with toxic people
  15. Develop basic coping skills
  16. Practice gratitude 

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