EP58 | Self Directed Career Paths

Thanks to new tools and advances in consumer technologies, now anyone with passion and a smartphone can release authentic and engaging content to large audiences.

An ever-growing number of empowered individuals are using social media platforms as a marketplace for leveraging their skills and finding new ways to make a living.

The reduced costs of producing, distributing, and promoting content without the support of traditional institutions and/or backing have resulted in more songs, books, TV shows, and movies being generated than ever before.

Lowered entry barriers result in more power going to individuals to monetize their handiworks, build a following, and earn a living selling directly to consumers . . . in other words, to create autonomy.

My friend, you stand at the threshold of a new age.

Keep listening to your inner voice.

It knows the way of the dream tucked away in your imagination.

If you’re picking up on what the TALK is about, I’m grateful.

Thank you. Thanks also for the support. Please continue to like, subscribe, rate, review, and/or share.


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