EP60 | Watch How You Talk to Me

Standing up for yourself and being assertive is not about being rude, pushy, mean, or aggressive.


It’s about finding a way for you to be comfortable when asking for what you want in a way that respects others and that others respect.


If you don’t feel good about yourself, you lose power because you think you don’t have any. Consider your power. It’s there.


If you find yourself unhappy with how you’re being treated . . . If you have difficulty communicating what is or is not acceptable to you, if you feel that you’re always being taken for granted or used by some of the people in your life, then do a self-check, look for patterns, and find ways to set boundaries.


We teach people what we will and will not tolerate from them. Treating yourself well is what sets the standard for others to follow.


Thank you for listening. Grateful.

Musical Artist, Dasan @blakchoji

Audio, John Johnson

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