EP 7 | How Dance Can Become Your Happy Space with Chloe

“I have more time to dance. That’s why I’m homeschooled.” Looks like it’s paying off, as Chloe won first place in showmanship. She both danced and choreographed her number. She recalls what it’s like to be in the zone when she’s performing. It’s what she calls her happy space.

Chloe aspires to the following path: Tremaine assistant > Talent agency > Wherever that leads… and asked for tips on how to get there.

My tips for Chloe:

– Audition for the company.
– Once in the company, network with students, parents, and teachers.
– Interact with the faculty to make yourself known for whatever you want to be known for.
– Remember that everyone sees everything when you’re an assistant, and people talk. So mind your P’s and Q’s even after classes and competition.
– Get an agent.
– Get specific about what kind of dancer you want to be and in what capacity.

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