EP 8 | Keeping A Positive Outlook During a Pandemic with Joe Tremaine

“My luggage is still sitting there…Gotta make lemonade out of this. I don’t see any reason to go off the negative end.”

Listen in on my chat with the man himself, Joe Tremaine. We cover what’s going on with Tremaine Dance in the midst of this virus outbreak. Note that no one wrings their hands or has a melt down. We’re going to stay strong through this.

Keep listening and you’ll understand why Joe keeps me around. He bounces an idea off me. It’s an idea that includes a YouTube channel with curated-by-Joe, must-see dances and his own personal stories of the dancers. Because you know Joe knows bucketloads of celebrities, dancers, and choreographers, right?

In today’s episode you’ll learn:

– Why Joe only watches Primetime news
– About Joe’s positive outlook
– About the ideas Joe bounces off of me
– About some of the celebrities Joe know or has been associated with

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